40cr steel scientificnet

40cr steel scientificnet

40cr steel scientificnet

Study on Fretting Wear Behavior of 40CrNiMoA Steel ... This study deals with fretting wear behavior of 40CrNiMoA steel on a SRVⅣoscillating friction and wear tester. The results indicate that with the frequency and load increasing, both the friction coefficient and fretting wear volume increase.

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Institute of Fundamental Technological Research. Start / staff. Home; Scientific Activity. Research Staff; Publications Thermal Stresses in CeramicMetal Joints with an Interlayer 40cr steel scientificnet The stresses near the free edge of the interface in joints of dissimilar materials with an interlayer were analyzed after a change in temperature. The effects of the thickness of the interlayer and o 40cr steel scientificnet The study of the influence of laser hardening conditions on 40cr steel scientificnet Due to the local surface hardening of 40, 40Cr and 38Cr2Mol steel parts by laser hardening, operational properties of parts in further operation can be improved. This method is suitable for hardening difficult-to-access areas of parts, local contact areas.

The effect of strain rate on multi-directional forged 40cr steel scientificnet

Fig. 2, Fig. 3, Fig. 4, Fig. 5 show the metallographic images of non-annealed and annealed MDFed aluminum specimens, deformed in 1, 3, 5, and 7 passes. It can be seen that as more strain is applied to the specimens (i.e., increasing the number of passes), the size of the grains is significantly decreased and more elongated grains appear [, , ,24]. The Effects of Substrate Negative Bias Voltage on Morphology 40cr steel scientificnet 40Cr steel substrate was coated with Ti0.33Al0.67N films by Multi-arc ion technology. Analyses of substrate negative bias voltage on morphology thickness of the film, bonding strength and micro 40cr steel scientificnet Surface Nanostructure of Anealled 40Cr Steel by Supersonic 40cr steel scientificnet The surface and cross sectional microstructure of 40Cr steel after SSPB treatment were characterized by means of X-ray diffraction, optical microscopy and transmission electron microscopy equipped 40cr steel scientificnet

Study on Fretting Wear Behavior of 40CrNiMoA Steel 40cr steel scientificnet

This study deals with fretting wear behavior of 40CrNiMoA steel on a SRVoscillating friction and wear tester. The results indicate that with the frequency and load increasing, both the friction coefficient and fretting wear volume increase. Residual Stress State of Brazed Ceramic/Metal Compounds 40cr steel scientificnet The residual stress state of brazed ceramic/metal compounds is described by means of Xray residual stress determinations and analytical calculations using a model of three elastic infinite plates. I 40cr steel scientificnet Research on the Forging Penetration Efficiency of 40Cr Axial 40cr steel scientificnet Mn18Cr18N steel hot forming grain change modeling study [J].Journal of metal trans., 1999,35 (1) : 53-56. Metal forming complicated multi-factor volume dynamic coupling simulation model and 40cr steel scientificnet

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Preparation of nano - coating powder [email protected](OH)3 and its 40cr steel scientificnet The cutting temperature in the cutting process was measured by infrared thermal imager (FLAR-A320). The Kistler-9129A dynamometer was used to measure the cutting force during cutting. The selected cutting workpiece material is 40Cr hardened steel, which has wide application and high hardness and strength. 3. Results and discussion 3.1. Particle collision-based abrasive flow mechanisms in 40cr steel scientificnet Although abrasive flow technology is a non-conventional approach to finishing in precision machining, it offers particular advantages when machining micro-hole workpieces. This paper combines theoretical, numerical, and experimental methods to study the use of abrasive flow technology in this way. The nature of the collision of abrasive particles with a workpiece is analyzed to reveal the 40cr steel scientificnet

Modelling thermo-mechanical cyclic behavior of P91 steel 40cr steel scientificnet

This steel has been also used for many years in power plant installations during renovations to replace austenitic steel and 21/4Cr1Mo steel pipes. The benefits of its use are the reduction in the diameter and thickness of tubular elements, and thus their mass, which is the result of the higher creep strength of P91 steel. Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of 40Cr Steel by 40cr steel scientificnet Abstract. Abstract. Laser melting was carryed out by HL-1500 CO2 lase rmachine on 40 Cr steel. The phase composition, microstructure, microhardness and corrosion resistance of the melting coating were investigated by means of scanning electron microscope, X-ray diffractometer, electrochemical test system, salt spray tester etc. L. Chai | Semantic Scholar Cr layer was fabricated on 40Cr steel by electric brush plating process and then treated by high current pulsed electron beam irradiation technique. Surface microstructures of specimens before and Expand

Investigation of Gas Nitriding on Wear and 40cr steel scientificnet - Scientific.Net

The influence of gas nitriding on the wear and corrosion resistance of 40Cr steel was investigated. Gas nitriding experiments were carried out at 550C for 2h and 10h. The microstructure and hardness gradient were observed and analyzed through metallurgical microscope and micro hardness tester. Investigation of Al2O3/TiC ceramic cutting tool materials 40cr steel scientificnet The density of the material was dramatically improved because of the decrement of voids around h-BN particles. Dry turning tests were carried out to investigate the wear resistance of the materials when cutting 40Cr quenched and tempered steel. Innovation Materials and Manufacturing Technologies, Economic 40cr steel scientificnet Innovation Materials and Manufacturing Technologies, Economic Aspects in Enterprises : Selected Peer-Reviewed Papers from the IV International Scientific and Practical Conference with Elements of School for Junior Scientists, "Innovative Technologies and Economics in Engineering", May 23-25, 2013, Yurga, Russia

Influence of electric contact strengthening on the 40cr steel scientificnet

The quenched rubbing pair (upper sample) was GCr15 steel with an average hardness of HRC60, and the lower sample was 40Cr with Ni-P/nano-WC composite coatings. The samples rotated at 400 r/min with an applied load of 1.0 kN. The test was conducted for 4 h; after each hour of testing, the samples were cleaned with acetone, dried, and weighed. Heat Treatment Technology and Property Study on 40Cr of 40cr steel scientificnet With the 40Cr steel couple coated by Cr, the sliding tribology behavior of two kinds of C/C composites with different matrix was tested using a M2000 wear tester. Grinding Temperature Scientific.Net Grinding Temperature Scientific.Net. Simulation of 3D grinding temperature field by using an

Galvanic Corrosion Between Depleted Uranium and 40Cr Steel

The results reveal that the OCP of DU and 40Cr steel are around -790mV and -660mV, respectively. 40Cr has a higher linear polarization resistance than DU in galvanic corrosion. Fatigue on ShotPeened Gears: Experimentation, Simulation and 40cr steel scientificnet The research involved gears, made of highstrength steel and carburised, quenched, ground, shotpeened and superfinished. The experimental campaign initially dealt with the investigation into the influence of isotropic superfinishing; the attention was then focused on shot peening and how to optimise the fatigue limit, by a suitable choice 40cr steel scientificnet Fabrication of Fe-based composite coatings reinforced by TiC 40cr steel scientificnet The substrate material used in the laser cladding experiment were 40Cr gear steel (Sample size: 25 mm 25 mm 6 mm). The chemical composition (wt. %) of the 40Cr gear steel substrate is C 0.39, Si 0.21, Mn 0.57, Ni 0.24, Cr 1.17and Fe balance.

Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures Present status and 40cr steel scientificnet

Eurocode3 covers design of steel structures. This paper gives an overview of the context in which Eurocode 3 exists and of the accompanying codes. The various individual parts of Eurocode3 are mentioned. Attention will be paid to the safety elements such as the partial safety factors for strength and stability. The National Annexes are discussed. Effects of Zero Time Holding Quenching 40cr steel scientificnet - Scientific.Net The effects of different zero-holding quenching temperatures on the tempering microstructure, mechanical properties and wear resistance of 40Cr were studied. The results showed that the microstructure of 40Cr was tempered sorbite and a small amount of unmelted ferrite after quenching at 850 C and tempering at 550 C for 2 h. Effect of Gas Nitriding on CO 2 Corrosion Behavior of 40Cr 40cr steel scientificnet adshelp[at]cfa.harvard.edu The ADS is operated by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory under NASA Cooperative Agreement NNX16AC86A

Bonding and Adhesion at the SiC/Fe Interface | The Journal of 40cr steel scientificnet

Ceramics such as SiC have the potential to act as protective coatings, primarily due to their high melting points and wear resistance. We use periodic density functional theory (DFT) within the generalized gradient approximation (GGA) to calculate the adhesion strength between SiC and Fe, for Si- and C-terminations of SiC(100) and two surfaces of Fe: (100) and (110). We predict a maximum ideal 40cr steel scientificnet An Experimental Investigation Into the - CORE of gas nitriding on wear and corrosion behavior of 40Cr stee Topics: 40Cr steel, Gas nitriding, Corrosion, Wear, Wear mechanism 40cr material and external turning tool - SS400, shipbuilding 40cr steel scientificnet 40Cr Steel Scientific.Net. Abstract:External grind-hardening is a new technology combing grinding and quenching. Hardening tests are carried out according to 3-level and 3-factor orthogonal method for 40Cr steel, and metallographic observation and hardness measurement are put forward.. 40Cr Steel Scientific.NetAbstract:External grind-hardening is a new technology combing grinding and quenching.

1. Introduction - Hindawi Publishing Corporation

The inserts were made of 40 Kh steel in the state of delivery. Hardened rings were made of the same steel for comparative studies of wear resistance, which reach the hardness of HRC 5254, and were heat-treated and strengthened after VCH rings were abraded to a surface roughness Ra = 0.81.2 m.

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